Ferventures.travel is the result of organizing Deaf Snowcamp and Deaf Summercamp. Partly because there is a clear need to travel, experience sports, adventure, etc. together. Am I (Daan Ferf Jentink) started with Ferventures.travel.

And of course traveling, adventure, networking, sharing knowledge, having fun. The holidays that are organized are without obligation. Activities can be booked in addition. Some activities are included in the trip. Some trips will have a program but you will get plenty of free time to plan your own things anyway.

About Us

About Us



Discover and go on the adventure with us! Where there is also room for sign language, contact with fellow sufferers, and lots of adventure!

Our team

Advisor of Ferventures.travel. She supported, helped and advised Ferventures. And also thought about setting up this company. She will probably also be the companions for the Deaf+ journeys.

Advisor of Ferventures.travel. He has supported, helped and advised Ferventures. Helped to set up this company.

Owner of Ferventures.travel.
I enjoy traveling with other deaf people. And to go on various adventures, including outdoor activities.

Nigel van der Roest

Maaike Spit

Daan Ferf Jentink

The target group are the people who come into contact with sign language. So Deaf, Hard of Hearing, (student) Interpreters, CODA, parents, brothers and sisters of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, but also people who work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Doof + also has my attention in this, where people may need extra guidance or carers. With both guidance and tour guides, the goal is to deploy Deaf or Hard of Hearing persons.

These people came up with the company name together with me. They have helped and supported me!

  • Jelle de Boer
  • Milou Hommes
  • Daniel Schoevaart
  • Yannick Bal
  • Splinter van Schagen
  • Alícia Sort
  • Erik Jan Wijbenga
  • Christina Bihl

Hall of Fame

I would also like to thank the people who came along with Deaf Snowcamp and Deaf Summercamp!

  • Deaf Snowcamp 2013 Saint Francois Longchamp 24 personen
  • Deaf Snowcamp 2014 Saint Francois Longchamp 18 personen
  • Deaf Snowcamp 2015 Valfrejus 32 personen
  • Deaf Snowcamp 2016 Valloire 17 personen
  • Deaf Snowcamp 2017 Avoriaz 18 personen
  • Deaf Snowcamp 2020 Val Thorens 15 personen
  • Deaf Snowcamp 2020 Val Thorens 23 personen

  • Deaf Summercamo 2016 Torbole 16 personen
  • Deaf Summercamp 2019 Sciez 10 personen

Ferventures arose thanks to these trips!