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Unique And adventure travel

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Go on an adventure with us.


With deaf tour guides and tour guides who are ready to help.
There will be several different trips.

The official language is sign language


  • There is plenty of free time to make your own plan
  • Together with others on holiday which is nice and cozy
  • Different adventures / activities
    (which can be booked without obligation)

If you have any questions or if you have specific wishes, feel free to ask and we will see what we can do for you!


You can contact us by mail: daan@ferventures.nl
Facebook or instagram also see above or below on the website.

In Maintenance!

Keep an eye on the website. It's under construction! More information will follow soon!

See → unfortunately no journey in this part either ;) 



After the Corona period, trips will follow.

In the current situation it is not wise to arrange or book anything for a trip.

If you have any ideas or plans, please let us know :)



See← unfortunately no journey in this part either ;) 



Ferventures.travel is a travel agency whose working language is sign language.


Join us on an adventure!

The aim is to organize trips by and for the deaf, including for those who need guidance.


The tour guide and tour guide will mainly be deaf. Families, relatives, (student) interpreters and people who work with the deaf are also welcome.

The focus will mainly be on the main language Dutch sign language and International Sign. In a number of trips the majority of the group will have to be deaf.

More information will follow! The website is also under further development.